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Bull Run Creek Project Highlighted in TNSA Times

The Tennessee Stormwater Association’s TNSA Times – a biweekly newsletter containing relevant and timely stormwater information - spotlighted the Bull Run Stream Mitigation project as an interagency partnership success story.

April 25_2014TNSA Times Newsletter




Bullrun Creek Stream Mitigation Project

Mid-Channel Bar in Bullrun Creek

Construction is underway on the Bullrun Creek project in Knox County, TN.  This reach of Bullrun Creek has suffered from bank erosion, mid-channel sediment deposition and habitat degradation for decades.  When completed, Blue Ridge Waterways, Inc. will have restored over 1,800 linear feet of Bullrun Creek.  The construction will include installation of several in-stream wood and stone structures.  The creek banks and riparian buffer areas will be planted with a mix of native trees and shrubs.

Tadpole Branch Construction